Ruthie Foster

Ruthie Foster is going to be participating in this years Wintergrass 2008 part of the Thursday night Black & Bluegrass show that Laura Love is presenting at Wintergrass 2008. This show is going to highlight the influence of black string band music on bluegrass. Ruthie is an amazingly powerful singer coming from a blues, classic early soul and R & B beginning. The combination of Ruthie and Laura will be a highlight for sure. Here are some of the critical acclaim that the reviewers have raved on Ruthie “a songwriter and singer as good as Foster doesn’t fit in genres- She creates her own.”- James Porter, Time Out Chicago

“The album takes its name from ”Phenomenal Woman,’ a Maya Angelou poem set to music by Amy Sky and David Pickell, but Foster’s voice would earn the superlative anyway.”– Shay Quillen, The Mercury News (CA)
Ruthie’s voice with the musicians Laura has lined up will make this a very unique Wintergrass first!


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