Bearfoot Bluegrass Perform In Seattle Area In 2008, Wintergrass in 2009

bearfoot3Some friends of Wintergrss, The Edmonds Center for The Arts, are presenting a diverse music series in Edmonds, WA that will include a few bluegrass artists.

The Alaska based band Bearfoot, a Wintergrass 2009 performer, will  be playing on October 3rd, 2008. Bearfoot was formed in 1999. Playing while in high school and now have recorded 3 cds. There music features a twin fiddle sound, 5 lead singers so there is plenty of variety in there performances. The band features many original songs but still can play the traditional bluegrass. Bearfoot had  the honor of winning the 2001 Telluride  Bluegrass Festival band contest.

Kate Hamre- bass, Mike Mickleson – guitar, Jason Norris-mandolin, Angela Oudean- fiddle, Annalisa Tornfelt-fiddle

Another show of interest is a performance by John McEuen, Chris Hillman & Herb Pederson on February 5th, 2009

Ticket information for the individual shows and series packages are available at Edmonds Center for the Arts website.

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