New Addition To Wintergrass 2009-Readers Session

A new participation event is happening this Wintergrass. It revolves around the Youth Academy but is not limited to the youth or the academy.   Renowned educator and clinician, (and a mighty fine player too) Renata Bratt will be conducting a Thursday night Readers Session for all ages. This idea was born out of an informal event that Darol Anger put together for us last year resulting in a special performance by the String Nation Orchestra – a collection of string players that pop up unexpectedly from time to time across the country.  Players like Tristan & Tashina Clarridge frequent String Nation Orchestra appearances. Since Darol is performing with Tony Trischka this year, he won’t be able to conduct the orchestra, however Renata Bratt has stepped forward.  For those not familiar with reader sessions, the conductor chooses pieces of written music, makes sure there are parts for everyone, and then the music is read and played. Along the way all kinds of information about technique and playing styles are infused into the evening. Players of all ages who are interested in polishing their music reading skills are invited to participate. We’ll be releasing more information as details are firmed up.

Here’s a quote about Renata:

The Fiddling Cellist
Sera Smolen, Cello City Ink—Newsletter of the New Directions Cello Assoc. v. 12, No. 1 Spring/Summer 2005

From the perspective of classically trained teachers in the old days, popular musical forms like fiddling would be used only as a diversion, a fun break from the “meat” of lessons and classes.  However, there are pedagogues who can present world musical styles in the studio, orchestral program and classroom with theoretical and technical relevance along with artistic insight. Renata Bratt’s background as president of the International Association for Jazz Education String Caucus, as well as the ASTA Alternative Style Festival and Awards Committee, and former president of the Suzuki Music Association of California indicates she thinks very clearly about string pedagogy, as well as the area of “new directions” for cellists.

The music choices for this event will be more traditional than classical. Here is Renatas website for more info on her.


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