Workshops at Wintergrass 2009

The schedule for the workshops is still being worked on but some of the workshops have been confirmed. Here is a sample of the workshops scheduled at this point.Of course this is still subject to changes due to travel arrangements. Watch for the complete schedule as we get closer to the festival.

Meet the Steeldrivers

Meet the Band “Fiddle & Band” Workshop –  Michael Cleveland and Band

String player Extravaganza with Darol Anger, Aaron Redner of Hot Buttered Rum, Joe Fulton of The Tallboys, Tristan and Tashina Clarridge of The Bee Eaters

Shake, Rattle & Roll; Percussion in Folk Music – with Joe Craven, Simon Chrisman and Brian Rice

Clogging Workshop – with Charmaine Slaven of The Tallboys

Building a Bridge Between Bluegrass Mandolin and Classical Mandolin and  Helping Your Fiddle to Swing – with Evan Marshall of Cody Bryant and the Riders of The Purple Sage

Story Speak- To take a memory or burning passion and turn it into a tale or a truth. Workshop will reflect oral traditions of southern Appalachia complete with characters, plot, conflict and resolution. We’ll spend a little time talking about similarities of writing lyrics and telling a spoken story as well as where the story teller stands in the story. Participants should come with an idea of a story they want to tell. We’ll develop it in the workshop.

Meet the Filmmaker with Joe Weed “The Waltz to Westpahlia”

Harmony with  The Issacs


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