Some Bellevue Hyatt Regency Information

Sneak Peak

So, what’s it like anyway? Bellevue? The Hyatt Regency? Located within The Bellevue Collection, a premier urban streetscape with over 250 shops, 22 restaurants and lounges, a landmark cinema, a contemporary billiards and comedy club, day-spas, and Lucky Strike Lanes – all connected by sky-bridges.  A very green picturesque Northwest city, Bellevue is home to outdoor adventures like hiking, boating, golfing and more. Here is a link to a guide to downtown Bellevue dining choices aside from the various restaurants in the Hyatt itself and the Bellevue Collection

Our first visits to the Hyatt were filled with great trepidation and a pretty good dose of skepticism. But we were as surprised as anyone to be won over the second we stepped across the threshold. But don’t take our word for it. This month quite a number of folks have toured the new Wintergrass home. Here’s what they think:

Tamara and I just spent the last three nights at the Hyatt in Bellevue. Wow! Its gonna be so cool. This will be the best indoor festival venue in America. The elevators are fast. The rooms are ultra modern and comfy. I ate and drank at 0-8 Seafood Grill, Stir Martini Bar, Daniels Broiler (where you can, of course, get a great bottle of vino), visited Bellevue Square via the skybridges without going out into the rain, ate sushi 1/2 block away, and walked the Farmer’s Market 1 block away. This place rocks. Check in and check out are remarkably fast. The staff is awesome. Friendly!!! The coffee is good, the space is a great relief. Seriously, this is the real deal!!! – Rob Newsom, Acoustic Sound Board member

First thing you’ll notice throughout the Hotel are the WIDE and Open hallways, (nothing glass to bump into or having to carry your Bass under your arm so you won’t hit the lights)…..Jamming space is amazing,it will be impossible to run out of “jam areas”…rooms for workshops are cozy and roomy at the same time and plenty of them…ballrooms for the various stages on all of the first 3 floors are very large and beautiful,……. Jan Jones, Hospitality Coordinator

For those of us in Seattle, the new venue is incredibly easy to access – there’s even parking! The place is spacious and comfortable and the management seems eager to welcome the community of Wintergrass to their hotel. Judith Wood, Stage Manager

The reality that EVERYONE who comes to the festival, and especially those who stay in a hotel, will have exactly the same baseline Wintergrass experience, previously only available to those who stayed at the Sheraton, is so wonderful as to make me giddy. Add to that the dozens of restaurants within walking distance to suit every budget and cuisine choice, plus the other cultural and shopping experiences available or not to those who wish, giving each person an opportunity to customize their experience to the extent they desire. By all staying in the same hotel with 24 hour jamming, each attendee can be immersed in bluegrass at any point on a continuum from *constant* to *rarely*, and still have a good time. Far from being the wasteland that some were afraid of, the public amenities available in Bellevue and the Hyatt will surely make Wintergrass *the* destination festival in America, and I think it will be best experienced as a destination (staying in the hotel) rather than as a day trip (going home at night). – Dan Mortensen, Production Manager

The Bellevue Hyatt is easily going to become the new “Wintergrass”. The hotel is very welcoming and lends itself to kids of all ages who will be able to pick and grin in all it’s nooks and crannies. Wendy Tyner, Publicity coordinator

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