Wintergrass 2010 Performer-Joe Craven

Wintergrass 2010 will have Joe Craven playing a “One Man Joe” set on Saturday Feb 27,2010 as well as teaching at the Wintergrass 2010 Youth Academy. Joe was a member of the David Grisman Quintet for 17 years playing fiddle,mandolin and percussion. Since leaving the Quintet, Joe has been touring with his “One Man Joe” show. You never know what “instruments” he will play during his set. Items he has played have included: violins, mandolins, tin cans, bedpans, gas cans, cookie tins, chamberlins, tenor guitars, panitars, mouthbows, charangos, banjos, canjoes, cuatros, bongos, buckets, berimbau, bundt pans, balalaikas, brake drums, bells, bottles, brush ‘n box, boot ‘n lace, oud, face, Cuban tres, jewel case, metal-glass-clay vase, paper, PVC, pots ‘n pans, panderetas, knitting needles, hoe blades, hambone, jawbone, jello molds, water jugs, oven grates, glasses, squeeze toys, triangles, tongs, cups, cajons, cake pans, waste cans, umbrella stands, stones, cymbals, sea shells, silverware trays, spoons, ukuleles, martini shakers, matchboxes, mbiras, reco recos, guiros, gourds, rhythm sticks, thermos, zippers and…. He also will be one of the instructors with the Youth Academy. Joe travels all around the country working with schools doing a variety of residence programs. Check out his website where you can check out a few clips and learn more about Joe.


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