Some Bellevue Hyatt Regency Information

Some suggestions for you on Checkout from the Bellevue Hyatt Regency: 90% of Wintergrass will check out on Sunday February 28th.  The hotel wants to make your departure as smooth as possible.  In order to avoid waiting to store or claim any checked luggage, the Hyatt suggests the following:”1)  If you will be leaving no later than 12 Noon, leave your luggage in your guest room, and retrieve it by Noon to take directly to your car / taxi.2)  If leaving after 12 Noon, consider placing your luggage in your car in the morning (or by Noon at the latest), and avoid any wait to store or claim your bags.  If you Valet Parked, hotel Valet Staff are happy to pull your car to the hotel entrance, load your bags, and re-park your car for a later departure.3)  If you prefer to store your bags with the hotel, please proceed to the Front Desk where staff will direct you to a satellite luggage storage area.  Efforts will be made to inform you of this location in advance, if possible.


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