Wintergrass 2013 Feb 28th-March 3 Special Earlybird Tickets

Wintergrass 2013 Tickets

Special Early Bird prices are good only to March 31, 2012!


Adult $115
Kids $ 25
Family $290

Kids are ages 6-17 • Kids under 6 are always free
Family Pass is good for 2 adults and up to 4 children ages 6-17

Wintergrass 2013 Weekend passes are on sale now!

Buy tickets online for Wintergrass 2013 using our Secure Web Form.

Please Note: Wintergrass does not issue paper tickets. Rather, your ticket purchases are recorded in a database which is printed up as a registration book. When you arrive at the festival, please proceed to festival registration where our happy volunteers will look you up, have you sign for, and then issue your wristbands. You’re then free to go on your way to enjoy the festival. Registration opens at noon on Thursday and at 8:30am every day thereafter. Festival registration is located on the second level of the large Wintergarden area at the Hyatt Regency. You may either walk up the sweeping staircase or take the elevators located in the Wintergarden area to get to festival registration.

Wintergrass refund policy

Wintergrass does not issue refunds. Exceptions, of course, are made for medical or family emergencies.


Wintergrass 2012 Ticket Update

Online ticket sales for Wintergrass have ceased. You may purchase your Wintergrass tickets at the festival starting at noon tomorrow at festival registration, which is located at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue. At this point all types of tickets are still available. Thanks!

Wintergrass 2012 Sponsor-Orvis

Orvis is having a HUGE Wintergrass event complete with a sale ($25 off any full-priced purchase of $50 or more if you show your Wintergrass event wristband), live music, and complimentary great food & libations ….boar stew (with the fixin’s), and wine, beer, scotch and whiskey tastings!

If you don’t see what you need, you can order from the catalogue in their store and they’ll pick up the shipping costs!
Friday, February 24, 4-7pm
Down The Road
Saturday, February 25, 2-4pm
The Deadly Gentlemen
Saturday, February 25, 4-7pm
Runaway Train
The store is 2 blocks northwest of the Bellevue Hyatt Regency. 10223 NE 10th Street, Bellevue, WA 425-452-9142

Wintergrass 2012-Bridge Closure Update

The  Department of Transportation will close both directions of the 520 bridge from Friday, Feb. 24 at 11 pm through Monday, February 27 at 5 am to set girders. Please include this notice in your correspondence with people who will travel from the north or from Seattle

Here are the alternate routes from the North.

 1. Travel south on I 5.  South on I 405 (towards Renton). Travel approx 20 minutes. Exit 13B. Exit merges onto NE 8th St. Turn right on NE 8th St.  Travel 6 1/2 blocks.
2. Travel east on I 90. Travel north on I 405. Exit 13 B, NE 8th St Follow NE 8th for 6 1/2 blocks
 The Hyatt Regency is on the right on the corner of NE 8Th St and Bellevue Way

Wintergrass 2012 Performers-The Joe Craven Trio

  Joe Craven is a nationally renowned creativity educator, former museum curator, visual artist, actor/storyteller, festival emcee, and recipient of the 2009 Far-West Folk Alliance Performer of the Year. He has made music with many folks ranging from jazz artists such as violinist Stephane Grappelli and Jason Marsalis, classical artists from cellist Yo-Yo Ma to percussionist Hans-Kristian Sorensen, and from Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia to the Persuasions.

“Everything Joe touches turns to music,” says mandolinist David Grisman with whom Joe played for almost seventeen years. An advocate of the folk arts, Joe’s educational mission is to empower individuals to take possession of what they already have, and demystify art as a daily ritual using self-expression.

Joe has presented at numerous schools, universities, teacher in-services, music camps, corporations such as Wells Fargo and the American String Teachers Association. He is the Director of RiverTunes Music Camp and is Co-Director of the Wintergrass Youth Academy. And no matter where he is connecting–a community workshop in Costa Rica, a university lecture and demonstration in Washington, on stage in front of thousands of school kids in Scotland, or at house concerts and major festivals–Joe’s at home and loving every minute of it.

Joe will be at Wintergrass 2012 not only with his leadership in the Youth Academy but will be performing on Saturday a couple of performances with his Trio.  Check out Joe’s Youtube Channel and you will see the kind of music that makes a Joe Craven performance!! . You never know what Joe will use for music as in the pictures he can play anything including a canjo!

Wintergrass 2016 Performers-Vasen

Sweden’s Vasen will be returning to Wintergrass 2016 where they will be playing sets on Saturday and Sunday plus they will be one of the bands playing with the Youth Symphony on Sunday.

Olov Johansson and Mikael Marin started playing together as teenagers around 1980. During the early 1980’s they would regularly visit Curt and Ivar Tallroth and Eric Sahlström, older musicians who lived nearby in the Uppland region, where they would play and learn traditional music from them. In this way they became a link in the living tradition that Swedish folk music has enjoyed through the centuries.  In 1989, at a music gathering in Røros, Norway, Olov met Roger Tallroth and asked if he would like to try to jam on nyckelharpa and guitar for a bit. Roger declined, intent at that moment on taking a shower. Fortunately, the shower was occupied, so Roger returned with his guitar, and they played for the rest of the day and far into the night. Among the witnesses to this fateful jam session was Olle Paulsson, who thought it was the best music he had ever heard, and made a promise to start a record label if they were willing to be recorded for a CD (and thus Drone Music was born).  The following summer Olov became World Champion of both the modern chromatic and older historical nyckelharpas at the first-ever Nyckelharpa World Championships at Österbybruk, Sweden. The added momentum for the first CD recording, which was entitled “Olov Johansson: Väsen.” Väsen is a Swedish word with many meanings: spirit, noise, a living being, essence among the most prominent. It was originally meant to just be an album title, but soon people were calling to book the band “Väsen” and the name stuck.  Initially some traditionalists (or something else, it wasn’t many at all) in the Swedish folkmusic community showed some resistance to Väsen. While Olov and Mikael were playing fairly straightforward folkmusic duets, Roger’s guitar definitely provided a different twist on Swedish traditional music. Yet it’s exactly the guitar chordings and rhythms that also attracted an entirely new audience, and the band’s popularity gradually grew, along with their international reputation.

In 1994, with two more studio albums under their belt (“Vilda Väsen” on Drone and “Essence” on the French Auvidis/Ethnic label), Väsen were asked to participate on a project of Swedish rock musician Mats Wester called “Nordman,” which featured rock music and lyrics but with arrangements and playing by Väsen. The first Nordman CD was a huge hit in Sweden, and the band embarks on two tours and records a second Nordman CD, playing in front of audiences of up to 25,000 people. On the first Nordman tour they meet drummer André Ferrari and eventually experiment with a drums-and-bass version of Väsen. Ultimately, they settle on André playing hand percussion, and the band officially becomes a quartet in 1996.

Vasen will be performing at Wintergrass as the original trio.

Wintergrass 2012 Performers-Druha Trava

Formed 21 years ago   in the Czech Republic Druha Trava will be making their only 2012 performance in the US at Wintergrass 2012.  A discography of 23 projects by the band certainly will give this band a great repetoire of originals,bluegrass standards sung in English and Czech. The bands most recent release “Shuttle to Bethlehem” was  recorded in Nashville and Prague, Shuttle to Bethlehem is Druha Trava´s first ever recording whose main focus is definitive English versions of singer-songwriter Robert Krestan´s iconic songs. Ranging from the intensely intimate to the anthemic, they evoke love and longing, death and desire as they tell strange tales and recount # haunting new legends. The translations are fruit of a collaboration between Krestan and the award-winning American writer Ruth Ellen Gruber. Shuttle to Bethlehem includes seven of Druha Trava´s best-known tracks. Added to them are new Czech versions of two of the Bob Dylan songs on DT´s 2007 Dylanovky CD, as well as a bluegrassy take on the Rolling Stones´ “Jumpin´ Jack Flash” and a Celtic-inspired instrumental, “May Morning Dew/Tribute to Peadar O´Donnell,” featuring Lubos Malina on low whistle.

Singer and writer Robert Krestan (1991-present) has been recognized with numerous honors in his home country in both bluegrass and country music. He has been “Male Vocalist of the Year” at the Banjo Jamboree Festival numerous times and has been awarded “Country Artist of the Year” by the Czech Music Academy on several occasions.

In 1992, Lubos Malina (1991-present) was named overall “Best Banjo Player” at the 20 plus year old Banjo Jamboree Festival. This was after being voted “Banjo Player of the Year” annually since 1986. Along with Robert Krestan, he recorded six albums with the band Poutnici. Both in 1989 and 1990, Poutnici received the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music award for Best Non-American Recording of the Year.

With a long history in the folk band Duo Cis as well as with the legendary Czech newgrass group Prudusky, Lubos Novotny (1991-present) plays dobro. (The Dobro was actually invented by a Slovak family, the Dopyeras.) He has been named “Dobro Player of the Year” from 1992 until 1997 by the Banjo Jamboree Festival as well by the Slovak Association of Country Music in 1992 and 1993.

Emil Formanek (2004-present) lives in Bratislava, Slovak Republic and the band has known him for 15 years. He played guitar on Lubos Novotny’s first solo album and also on Lubos Malina’s first solo album. He is a past member of the bluegrass band Fragment and has been playing acoustic and electric guitar for the biggest country star in Slovakia, Alan Mikusek, since he left Fragment.

Tomas Liska (April 2010-present) is the newest member of Druha Trava and performs on bass. He began his career on bass-guitar in 1998, but continued studying over the next several years, studying at the Conservatorium of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague beginning in 2000. He soon became a presence on the local jazz scene, appearing with an array of musicians at the city’s most important jazz clubs and festivals.