Wintergrass 2012 Performers-Black Prairie

Portland based Black Prairie is headed to Wintergrass 2012 for just one night this year. Black Prairie has a blend of Americana,bluegrass and Eastern European sound.

The band began back in 2007 when The DecemberistsChris Funk (dobro) and Nate Query (bass) had some time off from touring and decided to put together a side project. Other members of the band include The Decemberists’ accordion player Jenny Conlee, singer and violinist Annalisa Tornfelt of Bearfoot  and The Woolwines, and guitarist Jon Neufeld of Dolorean and Jackstraw. Annalisa has appeared at Wintergrass with Bearfoot and Jon has been with Jackstraw. This is a band that does not get around too often considering the popularity of the members main bands. Make sure you take alook at their website. Some great video clips on there including a very cool version of Red Rockin’ Chair. This is their first time at Wintergrass but if you have been and seen Annalisa and Jon you know that you will see some great music with this band.


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