Wintergrass 2012 Performers-Greensky Bluegrass


Greensky Bluegrass is a Michigan based band that will be playing on Saturday only with a Grand Ballroom day performance and a dance in the Regency Ballroom that night. Greensky Bluegrass has been touring an average of 175 shows a year since 2000 and have just released their 4th cd “Handgun” This band is not a traditional band and certainly not a rock band, original tunes and top notch pickin’ brings Greensky a “Greensky Sound” for sure. The band features plenty of Dobro,banjo,mandolin and guitar. Take a listen to some of their music on their site.

Dave  began playing drums at an early age. His father’s interest in bluegrass and country music influenced Dave to pick up a guitar in his late teens and he took to the instrument rapidly and efficiently. Dave’s drumming history helped him to become a very strong rhythm guitar player and over years of dedicated practice, he has also become an innovative lead guitar player.  In 2008, Anders officially joined Greensky Bluegrass as a result of many late night jam sessions and a clear musical chemistry that could not be denied. He views the band as a sort of culmination of his previous projects in that it involves killer bluegrass pickin’ and stellar songwriting.  Mike’s background was  classical cello,  Upon meeting Micheal,Dave and Paul his affections for bluegrass became evident. Joining Greensky in 2004 the young cellist decided to make the switch to bass and joined the band. Michael, being one of the founding members of the band he helped shape the sound that has become GSBG. When he picked up the banjo for the first time in 1998 after playing jazz guitar for years, it was clear that he had found an outlet for his musicianship. Paul was a  guitarist turned mandolin player in 2000, Paul draws influences from personal experiences and his musical contemporaries    

Anders Beck -dobro, Michael Arlen Bont -banjo, Dave Bruzza -guitar, Mike Devol – upright bass,Paul Hoffman- mandolin


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