Wintergrass 2012 Performers-The Joe Craven Trio

  Joe Craven is a nationally renowned creativity educator, former museum curator, visual artist, actor/storyteller, festival emcee, and recipient of the 2009 Far-West Folk Alliance Performer of the Year. He has made music with many folks ranging from jazz artists such as violinist Stephane Grappelli and Jason Marsalis, classical artists from cellist Yo-Yo Ma to percussionist Hans-Kristian Sorensen, and from Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia to the Persuasions.

“Everything Joe touches turns to music,” says mandolinist David Grisman with whom Joe played for almost seventeen years. An advocate of the folk arts, Joe’s educational mission is to empower individuals to take possession of what they already have, and demystify art as a daily ritual using self-expression.

Joe has presented at numerous schools, universities, teacher in-services, music camps, corporations such as Wells Fargo and the American String Teachers Association. He is the Director of RiverTunes Music Camp and is Co-Director of the Wintergrass Youth Academy. And no matter where he is connecting–a community workshop in Costa Rica, a university lecture and demonstration in Washington, on stage in front of thousands of school kids in Scotland, or at house concerts and major festivals–Joe’s at home and loving every minute of it.

Joe will be at Wintergrass 2012 not only with his leadership in the Youth Academy but will be performing on Saturday a couple of performances with his Trio.  Check out Joe’s Youtube Channel and you will see the kind of music that makes a Joe Craven performance!! . You never know what Joe will use for music as in the pictures he can play anything including a canjo!


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