Wintergrass 2013 Performers-The Spinney Brothers

From the Annapolis Valley of Nova ScotSpinney Brothersia, The Spinney Brothers are comprised of Allan Spinney, Rick Spinney,Gary Dalrymple and Terry Mumford. Brothers Allan andRick Spinney debuted their band in 1992, showcasing a tight brother duet vocal style that was immediately  recognized for its energetic and distinctive sound.
The cornerstone of The Spinney Brothers musical identity is the sound of traditional,Southern- flavoured bluegrass music. The first generation bluegrass legends have been an important musical influence, ye

t their music is equally shaped by their personal lives and local heritage. By incorporating original material, which draws from various sources, The Spinney Brothers effortlessly intertwine the past with the present.
The Spinney Brothers believe in the freshness and excitement of traditional bluegrass music. Brother duet singing, backed by supportive and complimentary instrumentation, is the foundation of their tasteful and recognizable sound.
Some of you might have seen The Spinney Brothers last year at the Darrington Bluegrass Festival in Darrington, WA.

Allan Spinney guitar & vocals

     Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, on August 5, 1965. In 1969, his family moved back home to the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Raised in the midst of a musical family, it was country and bluegrass music that played the largest role in his musical up bringing. Home recordings have documented his vocal abilities, as early as age six.  It was in 1979 however, upon buying his first guitar, that he started down the road to performing on stage. He began studying the guitar works of Smiley Bates, as well as the sounds of Bill Monroe & Flatt & Scruggs. It was the vocal harmonies of the Stanley Brothers however, that really appealed to Allan. He strongly encouraged his brother Rick to explore the music as well.

In 1989, Allan co-founded his first bluegrass band with his brother Rick. The “Bluegrass Student Union” was comprised of Allan, Rick, and their good friend, Steve Jackson. This formation performed at various school functions, variety shows, and benefits. By 1991, Allan was ready to put together a full bluegrass Band. His dream was realized, in the creation of The Spinney Brothers Bluegrass Band.

Spinney Brothers
Spinney Brothers

 Rick Spinney banjo & vocals

     Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, on August 5, 1966, one year to the day of his brother Allan. As Rick likes to point out, “he was his brothers first birthday present”.. Compared to his brother, in his early school years, Rick did not spend as much time on music. Instead, Rick excelled in sports. First in soccer, and then in basketball. His dedication to team sports, found him on championship teams at numerous levels. It was with the persistence of his mother Wava, however, that Rick began examining his musical abilities. In 1987, Rick obtained his first banjo. After some instruction from local musician Roy Thompson, and Canadian bluegrass great Vic Mullen, Rick was well on his way. Along with his brother, Rick began to study traditional bluegrass music. As a banjo player, the music of Earl Scruggs was very influential. Vocally, Rick and his brother worked on their own style of “brother due

t” vocals.  Rick has continued to work tirelessly, in shaping the sound and image of the Spinney Bothers music. 

Gary Dalrymple mandolin
Born in 1969 in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. Gary, like Allan and Rick, grew up in a musical family. His father, Carl was a local Country and Bluegrass musician.. Gary began attending Bluegrass festivals with his family and soon had an uncontrollable urge to play an instrument. He thought that he would play the 5-string banjo, but intuition steered him toward the

mandolin. He bought his first mandolin in March of 1984, it was a “Newfeld” mandolin.  It was the drones and double stops of Benny Martin and Paul Warren, whom all played with Flatt and Scruggs, that caught his attention. Their style of fiddle convinced Gary that this music was extra special, and Gary decided to take up playing the fiddle as well. Gary played with several local bands until 1993, when he joined the Spinney Brothers. With Gary southern bow on the fiddle and lonesome tremolo on his Gilchrist mandolin, Gary adds the final ingredient necessary for Genuine Acoustic Bluegrass Music.

 Darryl Hebb upright bass

      Born on May 1, 1965 in Windsor, he now lives in Mount Uniacke, NS. Some of his earliest musical memories are of listening to his father’s classic country records. Darryl’s first exposure to playing an instrument came through the High School Music program at Windsor Regional High School. He was exposed to Orchestra, Big Band Swing and Jazz and learned the team work of playing in a group through the High School band program. He played electric bass in a 6 piece jazz combo that won first place at the Canadian National High School Band competition in 1981. Subsequently, he receive

d an Award of Recognition from The Nova Scotia government acknowledging the accomplishment.

Darryl’s first exposure to bluegrass was at a bluegrass festival in 1999. It took only one festival for him to be “hooked” and he has been an avid festival goer since.  He purchased his first upright bass in 2004 and spent many late nights field jamming and learning the instrument. Darryl joined the Spinney Brothers in September, 2010


Wintergrass 2013 Performers-The Modern Grass

The Modern Grass was born in early 2011 in Halifax, NS and has since released 4 albums and toured the nation extensively and relentlessly. The Modern Grass has been nominated for three Music Nova Scotia Awards!Country/bluegrass recording of the year, Roots/traditional recording of the year, and Group recording of the year.The groups latest album ‘High on the Mountain’ explores new territory in folk, roots, and bluegrass music alike. In May 2012 the MG took ‘High on the Mountain’ on the road for an impressive tour with over 40 dates.seattle-facebook_1

Climbing high up into the Appalachians, rolling and tumbling all the way down, rising next to an East St. Louis diner under dim streetlight, down to the Banks of the Mississippi and south to New Orleans. The Modern Grass Be – bops, doo- wops, and yeehaws it’s way through roots music freely, but maintains a coherent philosophy that is evident in Terrell’s songwriting, as well as the playing. Behind the almost sarcastic veil of genre tripping, honky tonking, and and a clear lust for the days of the swing kings and cowboys and gypsies, exists a song. An idea that was tried, tested, and true, and scripted in lines and staves for you, and us, and then hollered High on the Mountain.

Andrew Sneddon -resonator guitar,vocals Adam Pye-bass  Donald Maclennan -violin, vocals Dan MacCormack-banjo,mandolin Tom Terrell-guitar,lead vocals.

Wintergrass 2013 Performers-The Paperboys

The Paperboys were formed by Mexican born, Tom Landa in the mid nineties in Vancouver. In a music scene dominated by flannel and grunge, Tom had a vision of forming a band that fused Folk, Celtic andpaperboys22 Bluegrass music with Pop and Rock. He was armed with a dozen of self penned tunes and a lot of drive and ambition.  After finding a group of musicians who shared common musical interests, they recorded their 1st CD and set to tour across Canada in a used van they bought for 500 bucks. What has happened since is 7 albums, countless tours of North America and Europe, TV and Movie appearances, Movie Scores, Industry Accolades, Rave Reviews by Press &  Media, and several Music awards including Canada’s version of The Grammy’s, The JUNO Award.

Mexican Son Jarocho mixed in with Irish Jigs and Reels and a good dose of Country and Bluegrass. It has healthy servings of Ska, Soca and African Highlife and we’ve been known to throw in a little White Boy Reggae. Of course it also has strains of Soul, Pop and Funk although we are by no means a funk band. It is mostly Acoustic although we also like Electric guitars.

The band’s latest CD, Callithump, is a perfect marriage of all the different styles The Paperboys play. Producer Joby Baker captured the essence and the energy of the band in a way not done before. The infectious hooks of the horns blended with the lyrical sounds of the fiddle and flute make for a melodic delight, while the influence of Latin and African rhythms make the groove on this album truly dance worthy.

The Paperboys are Seattle area favorites with some stellar performances at their club appearances as often as they can at both the Triple Door and The Tractor Tavern.

Tom Landa (Founder): Guitar, Jarana, Vocals, Piano, Bass – Geoffrey Kelly: Flute, Whistles, Bass, Percussion-Sam Esecson: Drums, Percussion-Kalissa Hernandez: Fiddle-Brad Gillard: Banjo, Bass-Nick La Riviere: Trombone, Bass-Kareem Kandi: Saxophone-Miguelito Valdes: Trumpet, Congas, Percussion-Greg Lyons: Trumpet


Wintergrass 2013 Performers-The Deadly Gentlemen

The Deadly Gentlemen  started out a couple years ago as an experimental spoken word bluegrass band, but we’ve changed the game plan this time around.  Now we mostly play epic folk and grasscore.  Our most recent CD is called Carry Me To Home.

Instead of having a lead singer, we use a nonstop orchestration of somewhat unconventional vocals, with everybody in the band doing everything they can. Expect a lot of three-part harmony singing, group shouting, really dense rhymes and an almost rap-like phrasing.

Greg Liszt has been leading an unusual life. Born in Charlottesville, VA, he went to college at Yale and got a Ph.D. from MIT in Molecular Biology. He then immediately retired from science and went on tour playing banjo for Bruce Springsteen. Along the way, Greg developed a new four-fingered banjo picking technique (the other players use three). He currently tours full time in the alt-bluegrass/chambergrass band Crooked Still. He wrote and produced Carry Me To Home.

Stash Wyslouch grew up on heavy metal music.  Actually, he may be the missing link between acoustic music and over-electrified thrash metal. Stash (which is short for Stanislaw) really enjoys raking the guitar and screaming in harmony at the top of his vocal range.  He speaks several languages and is renowned on the scene for having the “best vibe ever.”  He also plays with Eric Robertson and the Boston Boys as well as Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers.

Dominick Leslie, 20, is a former child prodigy of the mandolin.  Many of his notable achievements occurred before the age of 16.  Luckily he has awesome parents and went to a public high school, which helped him turn into someone genuinely humble. His mandolin playing is often described as both “supertasteful” and “ridonkulous”, which is amazing because those words are opposites.  He lives in Boston and tours with Missy Raines and the New Hip as well as the Grant Gordy Quartet.

Mike Barnett is living the dream.  When he was 15 he toured as the fiddler for bluegrass legend Jesse McReynolds.  On that tour, Mike allegedly had his first drink of moonshine.  He sings the highest notes on Carry Me To Home as well as the lowest ones.  Which is weird because when we started recording no one (including Mike) knew he could sing at all.  He is also really good at jazz fiddle, and he’s currently enrolled in Berklee College of Music.  These days he tours with the David Grisman Quintet as well as the Tony Trischka Band, both of which are absolutely terrific.

Sam Grisman is the son of mandolinist David Grisman, who personally trained the boy in the ways of bluegrass and related music.  Sam has been playing bass gigs for pretty much his whole life.  Somehow he has fused traditional bluegrass bass technique with a very modern choice of notes, which sometimes causes listeners to play air double bass.  We’ve never heard of that happening before.