Wintergrass Sponsors!!!

Don’t forget to support our great Wintergrass 2013 Sponsors!!

D’Addario – Wintergrass is deeply grateful to be a recipient of the support of D’Addario. This family-run business has a multi-generational commitment to music and musicians that expresses itself in thoughtful generosity. Wintergrass never turns away anyone who wants to participate in the Youth Academy because D’Addario makes that possible. In addition every student receives a great pile of goodies that include strings, polishing cloths, picks and all kinds of other stuff that make every kid feel like a real musician. Thank you.

Martin Guitar – The Martin Guitar Company has, through the years, managed to survive with each succeeding generation from C. F. Martin, Sr.’s Stauffer influenced creations of the 1830s to recent developments introduced by C. F. Martin IV. Continuous operation under family management is a feat bordering on the remarkable, reflecting six generations of dedication to the guitarmaker’s craft. In or out of the music industry, C. F. Martin has few rivals for sheer staying power. Wow. One of our earliest sponsors, Martin Guitar has provided a gorgeous, personalized Martin Guitar to the festival for years. That kind of loyalty and that kind of support is rare and wonderful and we are profoundly appreciative of it.

City of Bellevue Arts Program – Bellevue has welcomed Wintergrass to their fair city with enthusiasm and friendliness from day one. This year we are so pleased to welcome the City of Bellevue as an official sponsor. We love a city that believes the arts are an essential part of creating healthy, happy living space. We love being part of the plan. Thank you Bellevue for not only letting the banjos ring, but for actually being a big part of providing the support necessary to do so.

Rayco – Our friends north of the border make a mighty fine instrument. Along with Martin Guitar Mark and his crew are among our most loyal and longstanding supporters. Their cheerful enthusiasm always attracts some great jamming around their booth. We thank them for their fine craftsmanship, lovely smiles and fantastic music. We’re sure you agree, eh?

Orvis – It’s always a good thing to have great neighbors. When Wintergrass moved into the neighborhood we found a fantastic neighbor in Reggie Harris and the Orvis shop just around the corner. Providers of great outdoor wear and fishing gear, it turns out they also love bluegrass. In addition to their fine support of the festival, the Orvis store is also host to bluegrass concerts during the festival and throughout the year.

Nechville – Way back in the early days of Wintergrass, a banjo builder from MN told us he could teach people how to build banjos out of school desks and then teach them how to play them. In two hours. And he did it. Tom Nechville’s commitment to making a great banjo is unmatched. He and his instruments have been a part of the festival for years both on and off stage. We thank him for his support not only of this festival, but of his passion for making it possible for a generation of people to play music.

Taylor Guitars – We are happy to welcome Taylor Guitars to their very first Wintergrass. These folks down in San Diego build beautiful guitars and have a very impressive roster of artists including Zac Brown, Nanci Griffith, Jonathan Edwards, Leo Kotke and a whole lot more. We are pleased we’ll be hearing the sounds of Taylor Guitars as we stroll through the Wintergrass halls.

Northfield Instruments – When you think about Michigan, you might think about building cars or The Blues. But there is also a very lovely sound coming out of Marshall, Michigan from the fine folks at Northfield Instruments. We are thrilled to have their support this year and hope you’ll see why folks like Adam Steffy ( Boxcars), Clay Hess (Sierra Hull & Highway 111), Nick Keen (The Josh Williams Band) and many more—love the tone, intonation and playability of their Northfield Mandolins.

Forssell Technologies – Forssell Technologies has been designing and building high-end audio equipment for over 35 years. All this experience adds up to musically true and sonically accurate recordings. We are grateful for their ongoing support of Wintergrass and for their commitment to high quality sound and recordings of the music we all love!

Montana Rockies Bluegrass Association – Western Montana is rich in bluegrass music and the Montana Rockies Bluegrass Association is at the heart of the bluegrass community. They are active throughout the year supporting jams and hosting a one-day bluegrass festival in April of their own, and supporting Wintergrass. These folks know how to have grand time, hosting one of the Wintergrass Jam Suites, where they showcase bands and jam all weekend long. We are honored to call them friends and thankful for their support of live music.

Oregon Bluegrass Association – Our friends to the south in Oregon have a very active bluegrass community, thanks in part to the Oregon Bluegrass Association. We are thrilled to have their support and look forward to their very happening Jam Suite during Wintergrass. They invite us all to come pick with them at their hospitality suite and to share the love!

PSAV – Who knew coming to the big city would be so much fun? The crew at PSAV has actually made staging and lighting support fun. We love working with them and are astonished at their generosity in the details and their willingness to think creatively with us.

Hales Ales – The vision of Hale’s Ales began in 1982 while Mike Hale spent a year bicycling among the small villages of southern England. In the course of his travels he developed a great appreciation for the traditionally brewed ales of England’s small breweries. It was then that he conceived the idea of opening a brewery in his home state of Washington to produce the kinds of ales he had come to love in England. Hale’s has since developed into not only a very busy brewery, but also a gathering place for food, brews and music at Hale’s Palladium in Fremont, one of the venues for the fantastic Moisture Festival. We deeply appreciate their steadily growing friendship with and support of Wintergrass.

Hands That Rock – We’re very pleased to have Hands That Rock join us for the first time this year. This team of massage therapists specialize in body work designed specifically for musicians and stagehands. They will be offering massage services during the festival. A generous portion of the proceeds from their work will go to support Wintergrass education programs. Get a massage and give the gift of music education all at once. What a deal! Look for Hands that Rock on the Evergreen level. Massages will be offered on Thursday from 5-8pm, Friday from 10am to 8pm, Saturday from 10am to 8pm and on Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

We’re also grateful to our media partners who help to spread the word about Wintergrass all year long!
The Nectar Lounge
Kirkland Performance Center


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