Wintergrass 2014 Dinner Shows

Dinner Concerts at Eques
Cost $35 each
Includes dinner show, dinner, tax and gratuity

We know you have a lot to do and see at Wintergrass and waiting in line for dinner is probably not on your list. Eques will get you in, fed, entertained and out the door on your way to the next thing in just a little over an hour. In addition to a guaranteed seat within steps of the concert venues, you get a great show to boot. Eques will host two different shows each night. Your ticket purchases a seat and dinner at one show. On Friday and Saturday evenings the Hyatt Regency’s Eques restaurant will open for 2 special shows each night. Your ticket to each show includes dinner, tax and gratuity.

What’s on the menu?

Chicken Parmesan with Mozzarella and Marinara
Pasta with Marinara
Bacon & Green Beans
Rice Pilaf
Caesar Salad
Pound cake
Includes coffee & iced tea

Who’s playing?

Kenny & Amanda Smith will perform at the 4:30 show on Friday. Doors open for this show at 4pm.
Doors open at 5:20 for the 5:30 show with Beats Workin’ featuring Peter Ostroushko, Mike Dowling, David Lange and Cary Black.

On Saturday you’ll be thrilled to hear the youngest-scary-good band at Wintergrass 2014. Top String will peform at 4:30. Doors open at 4pm.
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum will perform a special guest concert at 5:30. Doors open for this concert at 5:20pm.

You do NOT have to be a Wintergrass ticket holder to attend any of these shows. Pick up your ticket to the show at festival registration.


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