Wintergrass 2016 Performers-The Misty Mamas

Portland/Vancouver area favorites, the Misty Mamas serve up tasty, home-style bluegrass with
heaping helpings of harmony and tradition. This quartet of powerful women switch between old-
time, gospel, country, and folk music fit for the whole family. A deep understanding of bluegrass
traditions has led the band to feature songs chosen specifically for their ability to engage the
The band draws its name from Americana band, Misty River. Carol Harley is a longtime member
and founder of both Misty River and the Misty Mamas. Carol is unable to perform with the band
this year, however, Tony Rocci is filling in as a honorary ‘Mama’. With decades of experience
between them, Katherine, April, and Eileen stir up a sweet mix of harmony and instrumental
prowess, bake it into a set of original tunes, and serve it up with a delicious twist.
Eager to connect with their audience, the Misty Mamas tailor performances that not only
entertain, but educate as well weaving historical secrets and local lore into their music. Timeless
melodies and heartfelt lyrics are laced tightly together, creating a musical experience rich with
history, steeped in tradition, and performed with character and exuberance!
Jack Bohl of the Portland FolkMusic Society, said, “The real strengths of this recording are the
great sound, well chosen material, terrific vocal harmonies, and sense of humor… This is timeless
music that you’ll enjoy for a long time.” We love these Mamas for every musical reason in the
book, including… (remember that delicious twist I mentioned earlier?) …their mouthwatering
That’s right, The Misty Mamas are famed for not only their work on stage, but also for their work
in the kitchen! Listed on their website are a handful of absolutely to-die-for southern recipes,
including pecan treats, ratatouille, shrimp dip, and Esther’s apple cake! We’re not making this up!
These women are the real deal – we’re already drooling in anticipation

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