Bluegrass From The Forest 2016 May 13-15 2016

The Bluegrass From the Forest festival offers  many activities in addition to the four main multiple -band shows (in a great Performing Arts Center venue) including Master Workshops, Band Scramble Showcase (anyone can participate!) Banjo Contest, Chick Rose’s Youth School of Bluegrass, Mandolin Tasting, Marv’s Slow Jam, vendors and much more!There will be contests, all night jamming in the campground (midnight hot dogs included), and don’t forget the Showcase Stage where there’ll be open mic as well as other band performances and much more! One thing’s for sure – there is something to keep you occupied at any time throughout the weekend


Our 2016 schedule is below

Yes – there’s lots more to this festival than camping and nonstop jamming – here’s what’s happening on stage throughout the weekend – subject to minor changes.  Please note that two of our major acts will do one of their sets on the Showcase Stage across the plaza: The Blackberry Bushes (dancing encouraged) 6:00 Sat. and Green Mountain 12:00 Sunday (Gospel show) Also check out the “things to do” section  for info on the banjo contest, band scramble, mandolin tasting, kid’s program, Marv’s slow jam, open mic and midnight hotdogs

Performing Arts Stage show schedule

Performing Arts Center Stage

(See also Showcase Stage schedule – some of the main acts will appear there also.)

Friday Evening

6:40                           TBA
7:00                           Runaway Train
8:00                           North Country
9:00                           Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper

Saturday Afternoon

1:40                            (special short performance)  Pinetop Pickers
1:50                            Band scramble winner
2:oo                           Green Mountain Bluegrass Band
3:00                           Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper
4:00                           Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley

Saturday Night

6:40                           (special short performance)  Eden Greer and friends
7:00                           North Country
8:00                           Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley
9:00                           Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper


11:00                         Chick’s Kids School of Bluegrass
12:00                         The Blackberry Bushes
1:00                           Runaway Train
2:00                           Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper
2:55                           Allstar jam on stage!

Showcase Stage 


10:00                       workshop venue
11:00                         TBA
11:45                          Brittany Jean – showcase artist (Eastern Washington)

12:30                          Band scramble (all are invited to participate!  Click on  “things to do” tab.

2:00                            open mic
3:00                            break
4:00                            open mic
5:00                           Banjo contest (see drop down menu under “schedule” tabor under “things to do” tab

6:00                           The Blackberry Bushes (dancing encouraged!)


10:00                         workshop venue
11:00                          The Mighty Dreadful Stringband – showcase artist
12:00                         Green Mountain Bluegrass Band gospel Show! Y’all come!



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