Wintergrass 2017 Sponsor-WAMA

WAMA-The Washington Acoustic Music Association is one of the fastest growing associations in the Pacific Northwest. They provide numerous workshops, concerts, slow jams, and an annual music festival. They even loan musical instruments to members in need. Their mission is “to promote and educate the community about acoustic music.” They are fulfilling this mission as they continue to grow by leaps and bounds. wama

Our Mission:

To promote the development, performance, and preservation of American acoustic music.”

Who We Are

  • Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization
  • Among the fastest growing music associations in the Northwest
  • Highly contagious enthusiasm where members mentor and encourage one another in a musical, family friendly atmosphere
  • Top priority is involving youth and helping people of all ages find their inner musician and creative spark

What We Do

  • Conduct a Slow Jam on the 2nd Saturday of the month (Oct – May) at the Hope Grange in Winlock, WA and host a jam at the Oakview Grange in Centralia, WA on the 3rd Friday of the month (Oct – May)
  • Sponsor concerts & multi level workshops
  • Musicians of all levels and visitors are always welcome
  • Email bulletins and newsletters: exclusive articles about some of the greatest musicians worldwide; musical arrangements; reviews; instruments for sale; upcoming concert events; and important notifications
  • WAMA members have enjoyed ticket discounts for concerts/workshops from musical greats such as Dan Crary, Steve Spurgin, David Grier, Kate Long, Robin Kessinger, Steve Kaufman, Emory Lester, Stephen Bennett, Jim Hurst, and many others
  • WAMA Family Membership fees are only $20.00 per year


Our annual 3 day music festival is held on the first weekend of August in beautiful Winolequa Park, Winlock, WA. This festival features slow jams, live bands on stage, workshops, open mic, beer/wine garden, food, camping, children’s activities, and much more. Check out our next Pickersfest at

~ Your WAMA membership saves you 30% on Pickersfest ticket prices! Join today!!!

Visit us at or email us at

WAMA ~ PO Box 845 ~ Winlock, WA ~ 98596



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